390th Memorial Museum

Lloyd completed a renovation of the 390th Memorial Museum located at the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson.

The museum is dedicated to the 390th Bombardment Group that fought in World War II. The central feature of the museum is a WW II B-17 bomber. Another important feature is the “J Wall” which features signatures of many veterans of the 390th Bombardment Group. During the project, one of Lloyd Construction’s first tasks was to relocate the “J Wall”. We accomplished this by building a movable bracing system from recycled on-site job materials. It was an elaborate cradling system that allowed us to move the wall in any direction. The wall was successfully moved without a single crack or damaged signature. Its new location is in the grand entranceway.

We also carefully protected the B-17 bomber in place inside the existing museum to ensure no damage was done to the vintage aircraft during construction. The project will also add over 12,000 SF of administration, storage and display space are to the existing museum. It was completed on time for the 390th Memorial Museum Foundation Reunion in September, 2013.