Andrada Polytechnic and Pantano High Schools

Lloyd built this new 90,000 square foot, dual high school campus on a remote 60-acre site. The buildings were constructed out of masonry and structural steel. Andrada Polytechnic High School is a 78,941 square foot school designed for 525 students with a total capacity of 743 students. It features bio-science, automotive, and healthcare academies organized around a central commons. Pantano High School is a 12,436 square foot high school designed for 200 students. It is an alternative high school with an award-winning program specializing in providing a non-traditional school setting for those students having difficulty thriving in a standard high school.

These schools were designed and constructed with features to facilitate future expansion. These features were utilized, in part, in the 2016 expansion that once again teamed VUSD, Swaim Associates, and Lloyd Construction in a CMAR relationship. The expansion included a new 2-story classroom building, an amphitheater, and additional sidewalks to connect the expansion to the existing campus. The scope included 24,000 square feet of new construction, as well as 11,000 square feet of interior remodeling of the existing counseling area, administrative offices, library, and special education classrooms.

This LEED Silver Certified project was completed 45 days early on a fast-track schedule.

Project Owner: Vail School District
Project Architect: Swaim Associates Ltd
LEED Info: Andrada Polytechnic and Pantano High Schools

“I am writing this letter of recommendation in reference to Lloyd Construction’s performance as the Construction Manager at Risk for the Andrada Polytechnic & Pantano High Schools.
As with all projects you have completed (eleven major projects) for the Vail Unified School District, your entire team worked with us and the design team to ensure that this project was not only completed on time, but also with a high degree of quality and without any additional funds beyond the original Guaranteed Maximum Price. Lloyd Construction’s insight during the design process helped the District better utilize its construction funding to enhance and improve the project.

This project had many unique qualities including the simultaneous construction of two different schools on a shared site, a self-contained on-site water treatment plant, water harvesting, and solar power generation. Lloyd Construction was able to work with the District to ensure that this dual high school campus is state-of-the-art. The campus and schools have received LEED® Gold Certification, in no small part due to your team’s efforts.

The school also had unique educational needs in order to serve our JTED students in a variety of skills including automotive technology, film and TV production, biosciences, medical assistant, music/audio production, and veterinary science programs. As always, Lloyd Construction worked with the District and Swaim Associates to drive budget-conscious decisions that maintained design intent, exceed quality expectations without sacrificing the schedule.

Vail School District and I have been extremely pleased with your performance from groundbreaking to the grand opening, your staff and crew go above and beyond in their efforts to help the district achieve its goals and the District looks forward to continuing to work with Lloyd Construction as our district grows.”

—Albert D. Flores
Director of Facilities & Transportation (retired)
Vail School District