Integrated Design + Build

Traditional Delivery Method. With a Twist.

With the traditional Design-Build delivery method, the Project Owner contracts with the general contractor, who in turn subcontracts the design work to the Architect.  The Architect and the general contractor are both involved throughout the design and construction process, yet independent of each other.

At Lloyd we take it a step further and bring the entire process in-house. As the Architect and the Contractor, we deliver a truly seamless experience.  Integrated Design-Build (IDB).



          ON BUDGET.

              ON SCHEDULE.

                      ONE COMPANY.


One Company. One Solution. 

The IDB process provides a single point of contact between the Owner and the project team and the overall schedule of a design build project is shorter, without sacrificing quality design.  Construction starts while design is ongoing, enabling extremely close and productive planning, and pinpoint execution of the Owner’s goals.

With the design and construction team combined in one company, it makes this process virtually effortless for the client, which results in the most positive project outcome.