Reid Park Zoo Animal Health Center

We teamed with the City of Tucson, The Reid Park Zoological Society, and Swaim Associates to build this state-of-the-art treatment facility at Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, AZ. This one-of-a-kind facility was built not only with a complete focus on top-notch animal health care but also with a high degree of attention paid to on-site and distance learning.

The 7,140 SF expansion includes the following:
• Full surgical suite
• General treatment area
• ICU units suitable for animals of all sizes
• On-site diagnostic lab/pharmacy
• Digital imaging to produce fast x-rays with less radiation exposure
• Radiology facilities
• Animal holding complete with pools, controlled air circulation, cameras for off-site and on-site viewing, and exterior areas for the animals’ comfort
• Educational area
• Dormitory rooms
• Veterinary office
• Conference/collaborative workspace

The 2 overnight dorm rooms were donated by the University of Arizona in support of the dynamic education program the two entities have agreed to. These unique program partners the Zoo and the University of Arizona’s new Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program. The dorm rooms will serve students and zoo personnel that have to stay overnight, sometimes for weeks, to oversee the post-surgical care of the zoo animals.

There is an education gallery with floor-to-ceiling windows for real-time observation of both diagnostic and surgical procedures The surgical area and recovery rooms are further outfitted with high tech audiovisual equipment that can film and stream procedures, as well as allow the veterinary and support staff to observe the animals in recovery without disturbing them. This set-up is ideal for both hands-on and distance learning. The Zoo Staff encourages K-12 student and visitor tours that include hands-on animal encounters and interactions, in addition to the closed-circuit TVs broadcasting whatever diagnostics and medical procedures may be ongoing.

The existing 3,150 SF facility received a complete renovation including new mechanicals, electrical and plumbing, 2 new restrooms, food prep area, IT room paint, and floor coverings.

Project Owner: City of Tucson and Reid Park Zoo
Project Architect: Swaim Associates Ltd
LEED Info: Reid Park Zoo Animal Health Center

“We are very happy with the CMAR delivery method that was used for the Reid Park Zoo Animal Health Center. There is virtually nothing wrong with the project. The Lloyd Team has been wonderful to work with; managing site complexities, the need for quiet at certain times, visitor needs, and access in case of emergencies has allowed us to keep the hospital open 24/7.”

—Nancy J. Kluge CPA
Reid Park Zoological Society