University of Arizona Biosphere II, Landscape Evolution Observatory (LEO II)

Lloyd Construction partnered with the University of Arizona and the engineer in a Construction Manager at Risk relationship to build the new Landscape Evolution Observatory (LEO) at the UA’s Biosphere 2.

We also partnered closely with the LEO scientists on the construction of this one-of-a-kind laboratory. This 53,820 SF project consisted of building three (3) steel platforms in one of the existing areas. Each “tray” was 120’-0” x 185’-0” and 39” deep. The trays were then filled with soil. Scientists study how water moves through the landscapes and how ecology and landscapes co-evolve.

The Project was constructed in the existing Biosphere. Students, faculty, and the public had to be monitored at all times so that no unauthorized persons were allowed in the area. The structural members were brought through an opening 18’-0” x 10’-0” and pieced together one at a time. This was a remarkable, one of a kind project.