Copper Queen Free Standing Emergency Department Groundbreaking

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Copper Queen Free Standing Emergency Department Groundbreaking

November 12th, 2015 was a day of celebration for the residents of Douglas, AZ. The Copper Queen Community Hospital hosted a groundbreaking ceremony; once again welcoming the partnership between the Copper Queen Hospital Board and staff, Mayor Ortega, Mexican Consulate Jorge Ernesto Espejel Montes, City of Douglas and Lloyd Construction commencing the new Free Standing Emergency Department, that is to be completed in July, 2016.

Copper Queen’s Douglas campus currently houses urgent care services, diagnostics, and telemedicine facilities. Providing care in rural areas is becoming undeniably more difficult. This upcoming project is indispensable for the health community.

Since the Douglas State Hospital closed its doors July 31, 2015, Copper Queen Community Clinic has seen a 65 percent increase in ER visits. The new emergency department will offer seven beds, 24-hour radiology, laboratory diagnostics, and telemedicine for consults from cardiologists, pediatricians, and neurologists and a helipad for immediate transport.


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