Lloyd’s LEED Certified Projects

Lloyd Construction Company has several LEED® Accredited Professionals on staff. Regardless of whether an owner opts to seek LEED certification for their project or not, we always keep sustainability top of mind and implement green building principals.

When requested to build a LEED-certified project, we work throughout the project to assist the client in obtaining the highest LEED certification level achievable. We will work with the Architect and their LEED experts to register the project early to maximize certification potential and determine which level to target. All documentation will be compiled electronically and we take advantage of all tracking tools.

When working on a LEED project, our goal is to earn all the points for which we have a direct impact. We go about this in a variety of ways. One way we help earn points is with the product submittals we receive. The submittals give us a tracking tool for installation, as well as documentation for the U.S. Green Building Council. All submittals are kept on-site for reference as we perform project walk-throughs, thus ensuring that we are always working towards certification. This is especially important in the pursuit of points for recycled materials or locally harvested/manufactured materials.

Our team will institute a construction waste management program aimed at diverting the majority of construction waste from the landfill. We will keep records of the materials diverted to ensure the associated LEED points. We will focus on sourcing products that come from within 200 miles of the job site. Where possible, we will use ideas and methods from our previous LEED projects. An example of us earning additional points for a project came on the MLK Apartment project. We exceeded the water savings credit by enough that we earned an additional credit, the innovation credit. We accomplished this by using low flow showerheads, toilets, and faucets. By using these items, we saved 47% over current standards.